Mixosaurus Intros New Virtual Drum Library

2009 Winter NAMM Show: Scheduled for release in later Spring 2009 is the Mixosaurus KIT B virtual drum library.


“B” as in Big … Boom … Bubinga! We’ve set up a fine TAMA Starclassic Bubinga kit in the big, ambient Teldex Lounge, fitted it with EVANS heads and completed the package with a set of Cymbals by various manufacturers that were all hand-selected by Uwe. Going for a heavy, robust and guaranteed-to-cut-through sound we use larger drum and cymbal sizes this time (e.g. 19″ and 20″ Crashes/China, and a 16″ Bubinga Floor Tom … ugh!), and on top of the great Teldex Reverb Chamber you also get “classic” Ambience Mic tracks.

Apart from that, it’ll be a true MIXOSAURUS Kit with all the indispensable ingredients: Pristine quality drums and cymbals, meticulous engineering, incredible dynamic range and unrivalled artistic versatility.

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