The BugBrand Modular Synthesizer

Here are a series of demos of the new BugBrand modular synthesizer.

The Bugbrand modular synthesizer is a late entry to a crowded field – but there’s still a lot of room for innovation in modular synthesizers, and the Bugbrand modular synthesizer increases the options available for modular synth fans.

Take a look at the demo videos and let me know what you think!

Above, a demo of the two-rack BugModular system:

  • begins with a sync’d osc with modulation from the BugCrusher s/h unit (including some gliding)
  • the Syn1 Weevil then brings in some rhythmic control
  • introduction of a voice using Touch Panel control for pitching and envelopes

A simple patch to show some Touch control along with the ENV1 Attack/Decay env.gen.

It starts with a simple sin-wave passing through an LPG – pitching is from Touch Row1 and the touch gate controls the ENV1

  • Row2 is then used to control decay
  • Pressure is used to control attack
  • ENV1 switched into loop mode for fun and variation

A complex patch on the new BugBrand Modular 2 rack desktop setup.

Touch Panels are used for diverse control and the SYN1 Weevil produces a load of timing pulses to control the ENV1 Attack/Decay.

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