DSK Synthopia

DSK has come up with another freebie soft synth for Windows users – Synthopia.

First, we better get this out of the way, up front – Synthopia and Synthtopia are not the same.

Here are the top five ways to tell Synthopia apart from Synthtopia:

  1. Synthopia is a cool free software synthesizer; Synthtopia is a cool free electronic music website.
  2. Synthopia has three built-in effects: chorus, delay and reverb. Synthtopia has no built-in effects. (But they would be awesome!)
  3. Synthopia only works on Windows; Synthtopia works on Windows, Mac, iPhone – pretty much anything that can run a web browser.
  4. Synthopia was created by “a simple guy, with a lot of free time and passion”; Synthtopia is created by a simple guy, with no free time. 
  5. And the top way to tell Synthopia and Synthtopia apart: The extra “t”.
Now that we have that out of the way – here’s the scoop on Synthopia:

Synthopia Features:

  • 3 layers with 128 sounds featuring bass, synths, keys, pads…
  • Midi channel selector for each layer
  • Amp. envelope, detune and panorama control
  • 3 advanced filter with ADSR control
  • 3 advanced LFO, with route option
  • 2 send Fx (Chours & Delay)
  • 1 Master Fx (Reverb)
  • Midi automation
  • Velocity response
You can download Synthopia here.

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