DIY Analog Synthesizer Demonstration

DIY Analog Synthesizer Demonstration

via GVNZ9:

This is my DIY Synth. Using schematics from Ray Wilson, Thomas Henry and Marc Bareille, i’ve bulilt my owm machine featuring:

1 24dB Lowpass Filter
1 12dB State variable Filter
1 LFO whit S&H
1 white noise generator
1 MIDI-CV (mcv876-4CV)
there is also a modular section in the lower-right corner of the upper half, allowing to reach almost every output&input of the single circuits. Patching an input overrides the internal connections to that input.

The XR vcos are great! Those allows continuous variation (called SKEW) from triangle to saw and from sine to “rampoid” (sort of saw with sine-ish decay) waves. I added sync switches, fm switches, lfo to skew, lfo to pitch switches, vco to skew switches.

The 12dB filter has a special feature: beyond the LP, BP, HP output it has an output wich continuosly blends the LP and HP outs according to the LFO signal

the LFO outputs saw, ramp, triangle waves and a S&H stage output. The S&H is clocked by the LFO and feeded with white noise.

Apart from circuit schematics, I made everything: PCBS, enclosure, panels, knobs, labels. The enclosure is made of walnut and can be closed and carried as a suitcase.

once closed it measures (HxWxD) 23x33x14 Cm and weights around 6Kg

took many hours of work and cost me something around 250€

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