NAMM Update: Roland VP-770 Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

At the 2009 Winter NAMM Show, Roland presented the VP-770 Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard, featuring newly-developed Vocal Designer effects and ensemble sounds powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology.

The VP-770 is designed for musicians who perform alone or in small groups, and for those who need an interactive, real-time backing chorus. Film and TV music composers who are challenged with time and budget can use the VP-770 to generate choral, string, and brass arrangements on the spot.

The VP-770 is also equipped with high-resolution vocoder modeling, which can be used to generate vocal effects for the dance music, pop, R&B, and hip-hop genres without the hassle and expense of a separate vocoder or processor.

3 thoughts on “NAMM Update: Roland VP-770 Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard

  1. This is really great, but i don’t need another (hardware) keyboard.
    A keyboardless rack version, or, better, a VSTi software version would be fantastic!

  2. A great product that I’d like to have, but with the TC Electronic Harmony M for @ $300 street, why spend the extra $$$? If you’ve got a good keyboard, you probably have decent brass sounds. With the VP-550 at well over $1000 (street), I’m sure this VP-770 will be upwards of $1400 or more.

    Now, let me qualify & say that I haven’t heard one, nor am I certain of pricing, so I can’t really comment fully on this product yet. But I always thought the VP-550 was over-priced. Maybe with the advancements in software and computer interactivity on a live stage, Roland will figure out a way to give more bang for the buck for those of us simply looking for good harmony vocals during a live gig. Most of us don’t need another keyboard rig (as the poster Sotiris has already stated!) Being a project studio owner and a live performer, this would be a good product, however in the studio unnecessary with the advent of great apps such as Melodyne & Anteres.

  3. Its pity that Roland still doesnt implement their new synths with VST support like ACCESS or KORG!!!

    The same goes for V-synth GT! A fabulous synth but without VST implementation!
    Actually this is the only reason that keeps me to not buy Rolands synths!

    SO PITY!!!!

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