Using A Modular Synth To Make Cool Oscilloscope Graphics

dkimcg shows how to use thousands of dollars of modular synth gear to make cool oscilloscope graphics.

Here’s the details:

Based on the math behind a Lissajous curve using a Cwejman stereo ringmod.

You can patch a similar thing with the sine waves of a quadrature oscillator (offset 90 degrees), and 4 additional oscillators (self-oscillating resonant filters included), but they don’t have to be sine waves.

The broken lined “flowers” are saws and squares. The audio is filtered through a PlanB Model 12 filter that’s being modulated by one of the subo-scillators (the oscillator that’s synced to the master oscillator that only modulates the filter and syncs one of the “audio” oscillators).

Lots of sync in the patch…

Not sure if this has much of a practical purpose – but it ranks pretty high for the blinky lights factor alone.

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