NAMM News: Digitech Timebender Delay

2009 Winter NAMM Show: DigiTech announced its new TimeBender delay pedal. The TimeBender delay features ten delay types including Digital, Analog, along with Fixed Head and Moving Head Tape delays along with a 20 second looper.

The TimeBender lets you create custom repeat rhythms or patterns on the fly by simply strumming the guitar. Up to 6 taps can be set to quickly create delays. DigiTech has also included intelligent harmonies that can be added to the delays. Choose from over 100 different voicing’s including octaves, 5ths, and 3rds.

The TimeBender also adds full-time tone control, modulation, multiplier, tap tempo and repeat ping-pong patterns on all delay types in an easy to use stompbox user interface. Four memory settings also let you save favorite sounds.

4 thoughts on “NAMM News: Digitech Timebender Delay

  1. This thing is awesome! It lets you create delays in a matter of 2 seconds that use to require a few different delay processors, a PHD in mathematics, and allot of time to create! Plus with the added intelligent harmonies, you can create a cool tapestry of arpeggios that can take your song-writing to a whole new level!!

  2. I own and love this pedal but can anybody tell me if it is compatible with power supply boxes such as T-Rex or Voodoo Lab? I notice that it’s 9VAC 1300mA so you would need an AC output which I think VoodooLab has but I haven’t come across anybody powering it without the included power adaptor

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