Plan B Synthesizer Update

Electro-Acoustic Research and Plan B have announced that they will be returning to the Los Angeles metropolitan area and reopening the PLAN B DIRECT sales portal at

Before and after this launch our products will continue to be available at a number of dealerships both domestically and abroad and a list of those dealers will be updated on our site in the coming days.

I need to stress that this decision had everything to do with business and nothing to do with our successful and strong relationship with Noisebug, a partnership which bore immeasurable growth during it’s tenure and one which I hope will continue in the future. It isn’t about that. It’s about Plan B this month entering it’s fifth year. We’re all grow’d up now…and it’s time to stand on our own.

Look for a PLAN B DIRECT update early next week on the purchase tab at Only products currently in our finished goods will be included. For those not listed, links will be provided giving immediate access to dealerships currently stocking products which may not be available at PLAN B DIRECT at any given time.

As always, I look forward to the future, to sharing your experiences with our products and the art created with them. On behalf of Sam Hernandez, Kateri Lirio, Dylan Sang and Brian McKinnon, I thank you for your continued support.

via the awesome Stretta blog of electronic musician Matthew Davidson

3 thoughts on “Plan B Synthesizer Update

  1. I just want to know when the ringer and PSU is coming out. I plan on buying 4-5 if they are as moderately priced as I have heard him say.

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