Future Retro Revolution Analog Synth

This video shows you how to change the battery on a Future Retro Revolution Analog Synth, with a lot of extreme gear porn along the way.

If you’d rather see the Future Retro Revolution in some analog bassline synth action, check out the video below.

videos via pepemogt

One thought on “Future Retro Revolution Analog Synth

  1. Hahaha! Did i miss something? No de~soldering of the old battery and showing exactly where to install a new AA battery holder. Just the, you know, point of the video! (i stuck mine to the bottom plate) But to be fair, it did show the plethora of knobs, and dozens of screws, (both metric & imperial), that had to be taken out. Okay, okay. I’m still gritting my teeth over having to start fresh because i procrastinate backing up. But seriously, it’s a small blip of annoyance, compared to what a wicked synth and sequencer it is.

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