Well-Tempered iPhone App Supports Alternate Tunings

Interested in alternate instrument tunings?

A new iPhone app, Well Tempered (App Store link) is designed to make it easier to tune instruments to alternate tunings.


Well Tempered is the ultimate tuning fork for your harpsichord, spinet, clavichord, organ, lute, cello, viola da gamba, or any early music instrument. You select desired tuning, temperament and note, and it will give you the correct pitch with a four decimal frequency precision. It will also give you the frequency for reference if you’d like.

Well Tempered supports 20 different temperaments

  • Currently supported tunings:
  • Agricola Ammerback 1571, 1583 both interpretations
  • Equal temperament
  • Kirnberger I-III, 1766, 1771, 1776 and 1779
  • Meantone
  • Pythagorean
  • Vallotti
  • Werckmeister I-IV

Well Tempered also gives you a little background information about each tuning so that you can learn a bit when choosing temperaments. If you have the sound turned on while choosing temperament you can instantly hear the differences between the temperaments.

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