Create Benny Benassi’s-Bring The Noise (Pumpkin) Synth In Reason 4.0

This video demonstrates how to patch Benny Benassi‘s signature synth sound from Bring The Noise, using the Thor Synthesizer in Propellerhead Reason 4.


Instructions for this video

  • Take the “Yeah Yeah” synth and on the second oscillator change the semi from 4 to 7.
  • Next add a RV-7 Digital Reverb and choose the large hall setting set the dry/wet to 12
  • Create a Mclass Compressor and set the threshold all the way to the left, the ratio all the way to the right, the attack all the way to the left, and the release all the way to the right. select the “soft knee” button
  • Instructions for “Yeah Yeah” Synth:
  • First create a Thor synthesizer
  • Set the polyphony to 4
  • And the release polyphony to 1
  • Now select mono retrig under keyboard modes
  • Select on for the portamento
  • Now click show programmer so we can actually get this synth rolling
  • In the first oscillator leave it as an analog and move the octave to 3
  • Now turn the little knob below tune and make sure its a t OSC 1 PW 64
  • On Oscillator 2 add another Analog Oscillator, the octave should be set at 4 and the semi should be set at 4
  • Set the tune knob to 11
  • Once again turn the knob under tune and set it to OSC 2 PW 64
  • Now add a third Analog oscillator.
  • The octave will be 2
  • This time switch the type of synth from the downhill line to the squiggly one
  • And turn the knob under tune to OSC 3 PW 64On your low pass Ladder Filter make sure 123 are selectedNow lets move over to the filter envelope
  • Set a to 1.9 d to 349 s to -48.2 and R to 705
  • On the amp envelope set a to 1.2 d to 349 s to 0 and r to 1.09
  • Now we are going to make the sound change for your modulation wheel, for source go to performance and click mod wheel, set the amount to 64, and for destination go to filter 1 filter frequency
  • Now add a BV512 Vocader switch the fft knob to 4 band and switch the knob from vocader to equalizer
  • Switch the decay to 127Move the shift to -30move the hf emph to o and the dry wet to 127
  • Now create a RV7000 Advanced Reverb and select all warm plate
  • Now enable the eq
  • Set the decay to 0 the HF damp to 25 the hi eq to -4 and the dry wet to 18
  • Now create an mclass equalizer and selct the 30 hz lo cut buttonOn the lo shelf set the frequency to 106.2 and the gain to 1.7
  • Now select the button on param 1 and set the frequency to 114.9
  • The gain to 4.6 and the q to 4.9Next create a mclass maximizer and set the input gain to 6
  • Select the 4ms look ahead buttonSet the second fast button to auto
  • And switch the peak button to vu

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3 thoughts on “Create Benny Benassi’s-Bring The Noise (Pumpkin) Synth In Reason 4.0

  1. hi,
    great lesson!!! thanks

    i just want to ask where i can find the theory/study (if there is any) that is under this sound construction, and in general which specific characteristics must have an electro sound (drums, bass, fx and so on)

    many thanks for you reply

    great job

  2. hey man, props for another great tutorial!

    massimiliano brings a good question; i'm also curious to know where i could find more learning material on the theory behind creating synths. you clearly know a lot about production and such, is this from schooling or what?

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