4 thoughts on “Roland V-Piano Overview

  1. I like how the Roland rep artfully non-answers Paul’s question about sympathetic resonances.

    “Well in terms of sympathetic resonance, all aspects I’m finding at the moment this is uh we’ve got used to if you will sampled piano sounds so obviously I’m relating it to the technology but yes, there seems to be a more natural approach to every aspect of the sound and this is, this is what’s happening but the key factor is the, if you will, the uh, the uh, interrelation of these parameters by affecting one parameter, it starts changing aspects or audibly aspects of other parameters or other parts of the sound this is the curious thing. This is what makes it very different.”

  2. Matthew – not sure if he didn’t want to misstate something or what!

    Based on what I saw, though, the V-Piano is very impressive technology – with wonderful sound and flexibilty.

    They didn’t talk it up from a sound design perspective, though, so I think they are positioning this as a live performance solution. For that, it will probably make a lot of people happy.

  3. Oh, I think the V-Piano is a technological step in the right direction. Sampling was, in a lot a ways, an expressive step backwards from the MKS-20 days.

    It would just be refreshing to get a clear answer (including ‘I don’t know’) instead of a long string of babble intended to distract us from the fact he either doesn’t know or the answer is no. Listening to Sarah Palin talk used up about 12 months of tolerance on this front for me.

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