Trance Music’s Greatest Hits, On The Piano

Torley plays piano trance hits!


Here’s a collection of trance hits (and a few oddities), covered on the piano by frequent Synthtopia commenter Torley.

List of tracks included:

  • BT – Flaming June
  • Robert Miles – Children
  • Hybrid – Finished Symphony
  • System F – Out of the Blue
  • Chicane – Saltwater
  • James Holden – Horizons
  • James Holden – Nothing
  • Ricardo Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer
  • BT – Godspeed
  • Gershon Kingsley/Hot Butter/Crazy Frog – Popcorn

Torley’s piano covers highlight that, if you take away the kick drum and synth bass, these tracks all feature memorable melodies.

Nice medley, Torley!

via Torley

5 thoughts on “Trance Music’s Greatest Hits, On The Piano

  1. What a surprise! Why thanks! I enjoy visiting Synthtopia almost daily, there’s so much great stuff featured on here (I can’t speak for myself 😉 ).

    I’d later discover that the Villalobos track samples “Pobjenicki Cocek” by Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic. How’s that for obscure sources?

    And I heart a great melody intricate production!

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