Unboxing the Korg OASYS Synthesizer

Music Studio: Unboxing the Korg OASYS Synthesizer

via adiblasi:

I made a ‘crown jewel’ addition to my synth collection, specifically, the Korg OASYS 88.

This clip will give you an intro to this amazing synth, and allow you to share the joy in unboxing and playing this keyboard for the very first time!

These guys had a lot of fun unboxing the Korg OASYS synth, “divorced, separated from the music studio!”

2 thoughts on “Unboxing the Korg OASYS Synthesizer

  1. I was going to buy one of these. I have much love for Korg. My very first keyboard was a brand new out of the box M1. That new keyboard smell is addictive!

    I had got a lot of money from selling my shares in a company and I thought to myself, what the hell can I buy to make myself question my sanity. It turns out the Oasys fit the bill nicely.
    The problem was the dicks who work at my local music store.
    I walked in, cash in hand. Walked up the the sales guy who looked liked i was bugging him just by existing and said “hi. I want to buy a Korg Oasys.”
    The guy just looked at me and said “oh yea?”.
    He then showed me the keyboard that was sitting in it’s OWN special room with a super nice friendly sign saying “DO NOT TOUCH!”.
    Despite the sign it was badly scratched on the top and two of the buttons did not light up anymore.
    I told him that is what I want and I will take one.
    He then told me he ONLY had the demo for sale.
    I said “Fine. Can you adjust the price for me a little since people have been playing with it? and it looks a little fucked up?”
    he said “this one is still new”
    I said “Ok but a tiny discount?”
    But then he says not only am I not getting a discount BUT they do not have the box or the manuals.
    AND I need to wait till the store is closed because some guy who works at the store was using it on his album and he needed to get his tracks off the machine!

    I told him to forget it.

    I walked out. A week later I got a very big 72 Cadillac, white with a drop top. Evey time I drive around in the car, I think about the oasys.

    The car was a lot cheaper and as it turns out, starts a lot faster.

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