New iPhone MIDI Controller

MIDI Motion Machine (App Store link) is a new $.99 iPhone app that lets you control MIDI devices.


MIDI Motion Machine is an accelerometer based MIDI controller app for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Tilt your iPhone/iPod to control any MIDI CC parameter.

Like other CM Software MIDI Products, MIDI Motion Machine sends MIDI messages over WiFi to a server application on your computer, which relays the MIDI messages to your favorite MIDI capable apps just like it was a hardware controller.

Download the free server application from our website ( for Mac/Win/Linux.

MMM is very configurable. It has 5 user patches that are quickly selectable using numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen. Each user patch can have it’s own MIDI Channel and MIDI CC configurations. The accelerometer visual display changes color based on which of the 5 patches is selected.

As a bonus, MMM has a set of sound triggers that overlay the accelerometer display. These can be used to trigger beats, samples and play drum kits while you’re twisting sounds by tilting the accelerometer.

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