Tiptop Audio Z3000 HSM Demo

Z3000 HSM Test

via isotopeofme:

I recently purchased the Z3000 Smart VC-Oscillator from Tiptop Audio and have been intrigued with the HSM input, so I ran it through an audio analyzer to see how the waveforms differ between regular sync and the HSM as I swept the oscillator through it’s full range.

One of the big differences is that HSM isn’t just for pulse/square waves, as I show by using the sine output of my A-111 VCO and monitor the sine output of the Z3000.

One also gets unique and interesting results using both the sync and HSM inputs with different sync sources as is also shown toward the end of the video.

Mind you, this is a bit of a noisy one, not very musical but hopefully clarifies what this unusual and neat function that Tiptop Audio have included on the Z3000 can do.

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