Korg Analogue 4-Part Fugue (Visualised)

Korg Analogue 4-Part Fugue (Visualised)

via Newueel:

For this experiment I used Ableton Live to create a 12-step, 4-part loop, using 4 different chords: Cmaj7, Bbmaj7, Eb9, C#9(#11). It contains a bass line, a 2-part chord phrase and a 1-part lead phrase.

Then the SQ-10 is ‘programmed’ to play the same loop using 3 analog synthesizers (MS-50 + MS-20 + MS-20). (Not using Ableton!) The SQ-10 only controls the CV-values and triggers for all synths, which makes it easy to use the same loop with many different sound variations. The bass and lead parts are triggered each step, the chords are triggered only each 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th step.

The main idea was to create some chords by playing a bass line and 2 or 3 additive notes. The MS-50 plays the bass line. The 2-part chords are played by the MS-20 (L) using both oscillators. OSC2 pitch offset is tuned to play 1 octave+3rd on top of OSC1. The other MS-20 (R) plays the lead (and adds another chord voicing).

The Ableton midi clip is animated to visualise the SQ-10 loop for each step and channel.

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