Maplin Function Generator Oscillator Demo

This is a demo of the Maplin Function Generator (oscillator) synth DIY kit.


  • Microcontroller-based function generator capable of producing square, sine, sawtooth or triangle waves
  • The wave shape and frequency are adjustable via on-board push buttons
    0-5V output and audio output that can drive a small speaker, up to 1W
  • Requires a 12V power supply

If you’ve built the Maplin Function Generator, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via isotopeofme:

I bought and assembled this Maplin function generator, which is a 4 waveform DCO with basic pitch control

The kit comes with buttons to control the pitch, but I wanted to see if I could apply constant rather than stepped control to the pitch of the output.

As you can see in the video, by bridging the pins that I put in rather than the buttons, you can effect a smooth change across the oscillator’s range in both directions.

More at

These kits are amazing for beginning circuit bending. The sounds that you can eek out of this aren’t that exciting in and of themselves, but combined with the “voice changer” (an LFO/pitch shifter/tremolo kit), and the crazy music generator (a primitive Theremin type kit) and a little ingenuity you can come up with some great circuit bending toys.

I plan to wire switches up to the pitch controls, on this one as well as a brush assembly to swipe across the IC pins to effect random change.

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  1. Hi, new to the concept of cicuit bending but I would like to create a primitive synth out of the velleman kits mentioned above. How can you connect them so that they can act as an intergrated whole, instead of stand alone units?____Thanks

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