The Robotmakers: Crush Kill Destroy

The Robotmaker’s Crush Kill Destroy:

The return of the Robotmakers only deepens the enigma of the robot with the anger management problem. Original music created with Moog, MOTM, Dotcom, Cynthia and homemade modulars, Fender, Phantom guitars and Vox amps.

Original video filmed with rng35 35mm adapter, OM and Lensbabies lenses.

via robotmakers

One thought on “The Robotmakers: Crush Kill Destroy

  1. Well- Stock footage, somebody running around a park with a toy robot,
    a satire of a cel phone commercial and yet another poke at Dylan’s ‘signs’ (after INXS did it there is no more reason to mimic it.)
    Taking the song itself into consideration, there probably wasn’t a lot of inspiration, so the left over stock footage from Rob Zombie’s “More Human” video gets used. So much of this stock has been over exposed, it comes off as soft and almost nostalgic. I do have kudos for the director though, he has a Milena Velba video posted that makes my heart swell with joy!MMmmmm…. Velba!

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