3 thoughts on “Make An Electro Bassline In FL Studio

  1. man u r the best!!!
    someone think that fl is not a profesional program….well, no one will say that after this )))

  2. Well, no one ever said FL Studio wasn’t a professional program. Heck, DeadMau5 endorses it entirely.

    I do have a question though:
    When I go to link parameters – particularly the X-Y controller to the channel Mixer EQ – I’m always met with the choice of what attribute I would like to link, and what I’d like to link to.
    In your videos, I didn’t see you elect the initiate attribute even once. I’m confused if I’m opening the Romote Control Settings in a fashion that introduces extraneous variables, or if my/your copy of FL Studio is dated.
    FL Studio 9.0 XXL is my version. Is this dated?

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