Make A Korg Microkorg Sound Like A Vintage Roland VP-330

This Korg MicroKorg demo looks at making your MicroKorg sound like a classic Roland VP-330, as heard on many a Vangelis track.

It’s a pretty good approximation, don’t you think? Not bad for a cheap synth!

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via mik300z:

I’ve been asked by a few people to share the parameters on this Roland vp-330 like strings patch, so here it is.

After inputting these settings exactly you’ll have this lovely warm vintage string sound as is heard in the little track I made for the video (inspired by Vangelis’ Bounty soundtrack).

I have about 6 variations of it, if you use the phaser on mod fx instead of ensemble it gives a really nice Jarre-like sound too….enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Make A Korg Microkorg Sound Like A Vintage Roland VP-330

  1. that is some of the best emulation yet on the eminently useful microkorg. i use one for more experimental tones and some percussion, but that will really come in useful, thanks.

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