RetroSound’s Ambient Traxx, Electro Traxx

Retrosound, whose videos we’ve featured here frequently, has released a couple of albums of vintage-synth filled music, Ambient Traxx & Electro Traxx.

  • Ambient Traxx features sound landscapes in the style of Vangelis, J.-M. Jarre, Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter. You an preview a track from Ambient Traxx, Cold Land, above.
  • Electro Traxx features music in the 80’s styles of Kraftwerk, Yazoo and Human League.

Both feature the 100% virtual analog-free sound of vintage synths, directly played and recorded.

If you’ve listened to either of these albums, leave a comment with your thoughts!

One thought on “RetroSound’s Ambient Traxx, Electro Traxx

  1. Well, it is Roland JD-900 alright, but it is certainly NOT Korg Wavestation sitting underneath… – It is DX-7…

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