Britney Spears + Metallica’s Enter Toxman

OK – this post is sure to bring out the Off Topic Police, but……

Britney Spears’ Toxic was a guilty pleasure a few years ago, and when you mash it up with Metallica, it only gets better.

Some might argue, though, that you could add Metallica to just about anything and make it better.

So let me know if Enter Toxman deserves to be the guilty pleasure of 2009 – or if you think Britney just ruined a decent song.

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3 thoughts on “Britney Spears + Metallica’s Enter Toxman

  1. Strangely, it works. Interesting…

    Now compare the career trajectories and general loonyness of both artists, including doomed media exhibitionism and trips to rehab.

  2. I’d like to hear the inspiration behind how this mashup came to be! When I’ve been doing mashups lately, I get a vibe of similar chord progressions, intonations, and other elements that’d blend well. (I’m currently doing something with Katy Perry Cher.) It works really well except that Brit’s vocals are mixed a little low, and the video mashup adds to it!

  3. I always looked at Sandman as the beginning of the end for Metallica. I know they’re still big as ever, but first it was, “we’ll never make a video”, next they’re making songs specifically for radio play. I was a huge banger in highschool and listening to Kill em All etc. blew my young addled mind. This mashup fits perfectly with the image I have of James and the gang. Maybe I’m too harsh, I was a teen when I made up my mind to dislike Metallica and haven’t bothered to change my views since. Maybe if they added some synths!….no that would be just wrong, or maybe they already have.

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