Remix Imogen Heap’s The Song That Never Was

Imogen Heap wrote a track recently that was supposed to feature at the end of TV show. She wrote the song and recorded all the vocals, leaving the music for the composer who was writing the rest of the score. For one reason or another the song wasn’t used and so the track never got completed.

Now, Imogen wants you to download the parts and add your own musical interpretation.

ou can then upload your mix to her SoundCloud Dropbox and put the best efforts up for everyone to listen to and enjoy. Preview the track below in the player and download the separate vocal stems as WAV audio. There’s a click track at 95bpm to help you out too. If you set your sequencer / DAW to this tempo, then place all the files so they start at bar 1, all the parts will be in sync and at the correct tempo.

Details at the Twestival site.

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