Voice of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter

This is a demo of the new Voice of Saturn Voltage Controlled Filter – a DIY synth kit to make a modular synth filter – with a joystick!


  • Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF): Can be controlled with VC inputs (0-5V), joystick or knob (knob acts as an offset voltage). Low pass cutoff and resonance are controllable.
  • Two summing inputs with amplitude controllable by knob or VC (0-5V) input. Final output is similarly controllable.
  • X-Y Modular Joystick: By default the joystick X controls cutoff frequency and Y controls resonance. If a cable is plugged into either the X/Yout or cutoff/resonance VC inputs, the default joystick connection is broken, and it can be used to drive other equipment, or the VCAs for the I/O. If an outside VC or audio signal is connected to the X/Yin of the joystick, the joystick will attenuate that signal instead of the default 5V.

The Voltage Controlled Filter joins earlier Voice of Saturn modules, including the Modulator, Voice Of Saturn Synth & the Voice of Saturn Sequencer.

If you’ve built or used the VOS Voltage-Controlled Filter, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via CuriousInventor:

Low-pass filter module with cutoff and resonance controllable by joystick, VC inputs, or knobs. Joystick is modular and its output can be sent elsewhere, and can be fed inputs to attenuate.

Two inputs are mixed and their amplitude is also voltage controllable. Schematics available at curiousinventor.com.

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