24 thoughts on “Caption This Photo!

  1. “No, Mr Bond, this is not just any organ. While my beautiful but deadly assassins are toying with you I will play dramatically on my organ, climaxing in a single note. Ladies, please show Mr Bond which note will cause the 1000 tonne weight to fall his head. Yes, Mr Bond, it is B Flat! Mwaahahahahaha!”

  2. That is the organ in the lobby of The Standard Hotel in downtown LA. I’ve played it drunkenly after partying there a couple of times. Makes the staff mad. Fun stuff.

    Wish those two were there at the time… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I have three possible captions….
    “You’ll never get that smell out of your bench”
    “I’ll bet you didn’t know Richard D. James had a sister”
    “Two fives don’t always make a ten”

    Those girls can’t possibly from L.A. (Riverside, maybe).

  4. Aside from the picture – did I mention that I think this organ is the best thing ever?

    It looks like it belongs in Clockwork Orange or something.

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