First Look: Wacom’s Wireless NextBeat DJ Controller

Wacom, best known for its line of graphics tablets, has announced the NextBeat DJ system, aimed at professional DJs.

Wacom’s Nextbeat is a fully integrated professional DJ system, incorporating touch sensor controls and innovative live performance functions.┬áIt also features a unique wireless portable control unit that docks with the main device:

Nextbeat combines two digital players, a mixer, effector and sampler in a single lightweight and compact unit.

Wacom’s DJ device will be presented at the Winter Music Conference from 24-28 March 2009 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, and the Musikmesse from 1-4 April 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The nextbeat DJ system is scheduled for release across Europe and Japan in Summer 2009.

via technabob

2 thoughts on “First Look: Wacom’s Wireless NextBeat DJ Controller

  1. I’m not sure what to think about this currently. It seems to be a pacemaker, but with more manual controls, meaning it’s price point should probably be in between the pacemaker and a cheap CD or memory based player. It really does all come down to the price though. I also don’t understand who it’s for. Due to it’s size and weight, it should be for mobile DJs, but it really doesn’t seem to offer the right tools for anything but extremely basic DJing. Maybe when they release more information my opinion will change, or maybe Wacom should stick to what they’re good at, tablets.

  2. Looks cool – but doesn’t look pro to me.

    I like idea of wireless, but it’s less important than having a nice solid controller.

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