Switched On Purcell, On The First Production Mattson Mini Modular Synthesizer

Switched On Purcell, performed on the first production Mattson Mini Modular Synthesizer.

The MMM Phoenix series synthesizer incorporates true-analog modules housed in a “grab and go” housing format. Each of the two system cabinets contain space for 12 modules fed by a common power supply, providing for a truly portable, 24 module, analog modular system.

via redmartian:

This piece showed up as being by anonymous in Apollo’s Banquet (1670) but is actually by Henry Purcell.

All sounds/noises made by the MMM production model number one. The pictures are mostly taken from the 2007 PNW Synth DIY with the original MMM Pre-Production Prototype. Last photo is of Seattle at dusk on Saint Patrick’s day.

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