Nithonat Virtual Vintage Drum Machine

D16 has introduced Nithonat – a vintage-style virtual drum machine.

While the picture above may have you thinking that it’s an awesome new piece of gear – it’s just another example of companies using awesome-looking 3D images to get you hyped about a piece of software.

Here are the details on Nithonat:

Nithonat is a classic drum machine box (606 emulation this time). All instruments are fully synthesized and with a way more advanced and extended sound shaping capabilities than its predecessor. Whole functionality of Nithonat is very similar to the other drum machines from D16 Group, which makes it very easy-to-use and creative instrument.

Nithonat has stunning GUI kept in the same fashion as well known Phoscyon’s interface. Since the both small brothers are back together shoulder to shoulder.

Nithonat is planned to be released as both VST and AU simultaneously. More information about it is coming soon.

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