Livid Instruments MIDI DIY Board

“Coming soon” from Livid Instruments:

Our MIDI DIY board is available as an OEM product designed for do-it-yourselfers looking to create their own control surfaces. The MIDI DIY control board provides a USB and MIDI interface to create controllers for music, VJing, installations, or performance. With the MIDI DIY you can build you own keyboards, control surfaces, instruments, and create interactive control using sensors, triggers, faders, buttons, dials, or anything else you can imagine. The MIDI DIY is class complaint, USB powered and the firmware has Open Source software tools for custom development and configuration.


  • USB Powered
  • Class-compliant no drivers needed
  • 16 direct wire digital button contacts with support up to 2048 with a diode Matrix
  • 64 direct wire analog inputs
  • 14 direct wire LED’s with support up to 128 with matrix
  • Programmable MIDI settings with a software editor via USB

via Keys of Gray, who says “I want it now! If anyone from Livid reads this, I wouldn’t mind an update and price list!”

I’ll second that!

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