MeowSynth, The Cat’s Meow Of Synthesizers

MeowSynth is a free “meowizer” synthesizer for Windows.


  • 1x oscillator meowing with auto-filter.
  • Velocity sensitive.
  • Mono- and polyphonic modes.
  • Visual feedback.
  • Internal chorus.
  • Tempo synced vibrato with controlled attack.

If you’ve used MeowSynth, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via knobstervideo

5 thoughts on “MeowSynth, The Cat’s Meow Of Synthesizers

  1. Seemed overly simple and not very useful (nor a particularly realistic meow), but my cat was very impressed. Very, very impressed.

    The picture’s cute too, but my cat didn’t like that as much. And unless you’re going to stand there watching the plug-in, not all that practical. But cute, very cute.

    So, a strong vote of confidence from my cat, not nearly as much excitement from me.

  2. It’s a fucking Conduit virus and a shitty VST. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. IF YOU DID; go to programs and features and remove the “search protect” by Conduit. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

  3. Add Izotope Ozone, distort the shit out of the cat and add a little bit revern and echo.. voila 😀 hardcore screech 😀

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