Flame Talking MIDI Synth VS Radikal Spectralis


In this strange synth jam, the Flame Talking MIDI Synth meets the Radikal Spectralis synthesizer.

The Flame Talking MIDI Synth is a small-sized MIDI-controlled sound module based on the analogue Speakjet chip, produced by the U.S. company Magnevation LLC.

Originally designed for basic artificially generated speech output in American English tongue, it was then refined and further developed as an 8-bit sound module with speech-like sounds and synthetic robot voices as well as beeps, alarms, noise and retro-style sci-fi sounds.

Due to the structure of the Speakjet (with its complex sound synthesizer, preset sounds and serial interface) it offers an impressive range of possibilities. It contains 72 speech elements (allophones), 43 sound effects, and 12 DTM touch tones. The idea was to create sounds, patterns and sequences in the 8-bit style of the 80s or other retro sounds for making music instead of just simulating speech. Most allophones can be tuned and used tonally.

The Flame MIDI Talking Synth contains two Speakjet chips to produce a richer and more complex tonal variety as well as generating a pseudo stereo effect.

via lasercicalone:

My flame midi talking synth meets the Spectralis step sequencer for 9 minutes of lazy sounds directly from my Genelec 8020

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