GetLoFi Fuzz Kit

The GetLoFi Fuzz Kit is a new DIY project that’s now available in the for $26 including  WorldWide shipping.


The circuit is a clone of the classic Fuzz Face transistor circuit from the Internet with a few major LoFi treatments. A voltage Starve has been integrated into the circuit to change the tonality of the sound, Input and Output capacitors can be Bypassed via switches and also the amount of transistor Feedback can be controlled via a potentiometer. All this in a very simple to build great sounding distortion that turns your guitar, keyboard, or drums into stream of square waves and interesting noise artifacts almost like a digital pixelating effect.

Some settings will give you very crunchy 8bit sustain and others can filter the signal into clicks and pops. With the right settings however it can sound like a Boutique distortion worthy of the most picky guitar players.The kit comes with everything needed to assemble this beauty in less than an hour including and schematic and drilling template on the printed insert. Build step by step instructions with pictures are also provided on GetLoFi. The case as always is your choice, anything pulled out of the trash, bought at a thrift, or repurposed is nice.

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