Controlling Analog Gear With Ableton Live

This demo shows how to use Ableton Live to output control voltages through a MOTU audio interface to control analog gear, in this case a Frostwave Resonator.

via tremorcore:

more geeky CV crap using ableton live and a handful of LFO type wav files to modulate external analog gear.(if you’re not interested in the “how” and just want to see the frostwave spaz out, jump to 3:30 or so.) this stuff *only* works with MOTU audio interfaces (see: volta). this is an easy and free way to send beat-synced LFOs to your outboard modular gear; moogerfoogers, sherman filterbank, little phatty… anything with a CV input.the LFO wav files used in the vid can be downloaded here: recommend setting the warp method to “Re-Pitch” to keep LFOs smooth at extreme BPMs. or don’t… and get cool glitches.

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