Call For Electroacoustic Works

synSynesthesia Recordings has announced a Call for electroacoustic works – 2009.

All presented music works should fit one of the following categories:

  • Works for recorded media alone
  • Works for recorded media and instrumental solo

Works should be produced using any conceivable analog device processing tools (pedals, no input mixers, analog synthesizers, custom built devices).

The use of computer or any digital device (except a DAW for the tracking/mixing) is not allowed. The use of working techniques and hardware should be documented with a detailed document in PDF format to be included within the work submission.

The deadline for submissions is the 31st October 2009.


A description of the composition poetics and aesthetic goals should be included for release purposes as well.

The produced work should be rendered as a stereo 44.1 kHz, 24 bit, WAV (or any Quicktime-compatible) sound file.

The use of instrumental soloist is limited to one of the following instruments:

Violin, Violoncello, Double bass, Flute, Clarinet in B, Bass Clarinet, Soprano and Alto Saxophone.

The score should be submitted together with the recording in one of the following formats: .sib or PDF.
If the soloist is not available at the moment of the recording session, a quick render via a virtual instrument is allowed and welcome.

In this case, please send us two different sound files, one including the simulated solo performance and a “clean” copy of the electroacoustic work.
Synesthesia Recordings will provide the required soloist for the final Recording, Mix, and Mastering sessions.

The production will take place at Millenium Audio Recording Studios in Rome, Italy.
Compositions should last around 15-20 minutes ca.

A personal BIO of around 100 words is requested as well.

The reading panel will be announced during the second half of May 2009. Winners will be announced in December 2009. The selected works will be published by Synesthesia Recordings during the first quarter of 2010.

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