Farfisa Polychrome Synthesizer, String Synth

This is a video demo of the Farfisa Polychrome synthesizer and string synthesizer.

If you’ve used the Farfisa Polychrome, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via AnalogAudio1:

This video shows the Farfisa Polychrome played with a Roland DEP-5 FX processor for delay effects.

The Farfisa Polychrome from 1979 is one of the rarest Farfisa keyboards. It is a flexible string synthesizer / string ensemble with a very characterful, musical sound. It has a PERCUSSIVE section, a STRING section, a ENSEMBLE section and a VOCAL CHORUS section. The most sections have VCF cutoff / resonance controls. It has a great phaser (with SPEED, EMPHASIS and TREMOLO controls), a noise generator, single outputs, an external input jack (for external signals, which can be treated with the Polychrome’s chorus and phaser) and a lot more… It even has aftertouch!

And it’s fully polyphonic, too…

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