Musikmesse: Open Labs DBeat Music Production Workstation


Musikmesse 2009: Open Labs introduced the DBeat – a new portable music production workstation that offers iPod integration, a multi-touch touchscreen interface and traditional MPC-style pads.

The DBeat will be available for $3,999 USD ($3,499 for pre-orders) in June 2009, directly through here at or through an authorized reseller listed on the Web site.

Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts!


Encased in an ultra-light aluminum chassis and weighing only 20lbs, the DBeat boasts more than 10,000 sounds with an additional 14GB of sounds that come with the included, full feature version of AbletonTM Live 7. Live DJ performance capability is taken to the next level with the inclusion of Open Labs’ edition of GURU and the proprietary virtual instrument host Riff.

DBeat comes loaded with a plethora of fully mappable real-time controllers, including Open Labs’ exclusive Bump MP drum pads, the Mix/Edit digital audio workstation panel, and comprehensive DJ controls including a cross-fader. DBeat puts “the feel” back in making music by including an integrated trackball, iPod-compatible cradle and 12-inch capacitive touch screen, which will be multi-touch capable with Windows 7 update.

The ability to directly connect USB turntables and the compatibility with virtually any software, including DeckadanceTM, Serato Scratch LiveTM, TraktorTM, Pro ToolsTM, Reason and many more, make DBeat the ultimate DJ solution for studio, stage and club use.

DBeat Technical Specifications

Intel® Core2 Duo ® (3GHz)

Control Surfaces
Trackball with 2 buttons
Mix/Edit Controls
DJ Panel

4 GB

Audio I/O
(1) High Performance Audio I/O Card with Low Latency including 24-bit/96kHz professional 4-in/6-out : (2) mic/instrument preamp inputs (with Phantom Power 48V), (2) analog line inputs, (6) analog line outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial)

320 Gigabyte

High Speed Dual-Layer 8.5GB/disc CD/DVD Burner

12-inch capacitive touch screen (multi-touch capable with Windows 7 update)

Comprehensive I/O capable of up to 24bit/96KHz audio with 4 in / 6 out including 2 phantom-powered mic-pres with DI’s, S/PDIF I/O and MIDI I/O

Open Labs Riff®
Abelton Live®

Factory Sound Library
Over 7,500 presets and 1,000 song presets loaded into RiFFTM. (Check our Software Bundle webpage for more information)

26”(W) X 14”(D) X 5”(H), Weight (base configuration) 20 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notification.

9 thoughts on “Musikmesse: Open Labs DBeat Music Production Workstation

  1. What is the sampling capability of this thing? Can I install a different beatmaking ware or am I stuck with Ableton? And why is it so unbelievably expensive; does Richard D. James bring it to your front door?

    If I had to get a beatbox to interface w/ software, I might try Maschine first, you’d have enough $ saved to buy another synth…

  2. wtf is that ipod port doing on it! :S

    Heavily overpriced. I would rather sit with NI Maschine – buy a new DAW – and still save money 😉

  3. Alex – It’s got to be there because people are asking for it.

    I’m with you, though – I’m not so sure about a $4,000 iPod accessory.

  4. So let me get this straight, take the most expensive MACBook Pro, add all the control surfaces, add AL7@400 bucks, a multitouch touch screen an IPD, a wicked multicard reader for me to do video and run AL7 and you guys think that’s expensive? With 4GB of RAM? Try pricing the components – I did. I can’t see how they did it…

  5. “take the most expensive MACBook Pro” it isn´t necessary, take a good mother board, cpu, ram (600€) , a tft touchscreen (250€), a keystation m-audio 88 (lots of controls knobs and faders and ableton included) 500€, and buy a genuine xp software (150€) = 1500€

    not so styllish, but how cares,

  6. These joints are crazy man, open labs makes crazy products. maschine can't even begin to compare, now if you already have a computer and are fine with it, then it's probably not for you.

    But if you are like me, a hardware guy, then this gets you into the software world in a nice way. Sure, I could build a computer, or spec a laptop, but by the time I'm done piecing it together, it's about the same or more and prolly won't work like a tweaked machine build specifically for music.

    yeah, I know I'm a fanboy lol…I'll admit it, I want one.

  7. not really… possibly a full blown amateurish prosumer bedroom studio device… show me one "pro" hardware component… or a control room section… or the ability to sync to a master clock… or a decent preamp… or decent signal to noise… lol… cheap crap.

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