Reactable At Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009

Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009. Newly-formed company Reactable Systems has announced plans to put the Reactivision-based Reactable into production.

The Reactable is a new electronic musical instrument that combines state of the art technologies with a simple and intuitive design, which enables musicians to experiment with sound, change its structure, control its parameters and be creative in a very direct way.

The kind of interface that the Reactable uses is called tangible, because the musicians use different shaped tangible pucks in order to control the system. The Reactable is based on a translucent and luminous round table, and by putting these pucks on the Reactable surface, by turning them and interacting them with each other, performers can combine different elements like synthesizers, effects, sample loops or control elements in order to create a unique and flexible composition.

via musicradartv

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