Alec Empire – Making of ‘Shivers’

Alec Empire – Making of ‘Shivers’ + Interview

via THVStudios:

After 2008s’, The Golden Foretaste of Heaven, Alec Empire releases Shivers, a 7 track mini album that serves up as a little taster for his highly anticipated new album out later this year.

This is the most recent output from The Hellish Vortex, the production team founded by Alec Empire and Nic Endo.

Last year, Empire announced a change in direction, a departure from his signature digital hardcore sound and called it The Sound of New Berlin. This sonic revolution has brought about an influx of hipster collaborations in the form of Raveonettes, who got their single remixed by Nic Endo and Alecs mutual pairing with one, Patrick Wolf, whos Berlin musings have led to the hotly tipped single, Vultures.

Part 2 of the video below.

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