Arturia Origin Updates


Musikmesse 2009: Arturia released an update to its Origin synthesizer.

Version 1.1, to be released in June 2009, includes:

  • New B3 ToneWheel Oscillator:
    • Combined with the Leslie Effect, the ToneWheel allows the addition of famous
      vintage organ sounds, opening Origin to this sonic universe.
    • In conjunction with other Origin modules and effects, the B3 ToneWheel is a great
      oscillator adding new sound design possibilities to explore.
  • New Leslie Effect: The Leslie can be used on the ToneWheel to give the classic
    Hammond organ sound, but it is also very interesting in other contexts, notably
    when used on an audio input (such as a guitar).
  • New CS-80 envelope: This envelope is modeled after the particular envelope set on
    the filter of the CS-80.
  • New Effects: Bit Crusher, Compressor, Equalizer, Ring Mod, Parametric EQ.
  • New Midi possibilities:
    • Origin to be used as a MIDI controller
    • Origin to be automated via Sysex.
  • Sequencer improvements
    • Better GUI
    • New performance mode.
  • Keyboard Module improvements.
  • GUI Improvements: Parameter values are now fully displayed.

One thought on “Arturia Origin Updates

  1. This looks really powerful. Read Keyboard Mag’s review and listened to the samples on the Arturia site. Wish I could buy one and get al Arturialated with it.

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