5 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre – Live in Your Living Room

  1. I bought this yesterday and although the price seemed quite high at the time, I’m now rather startled my how much stuff is actually inside the CD-sized case.
    I’m also surprised how a musician whose music opened up new and exciting wonders in music for me, a quarter of a century ago, can have grown and developed as well. I’d lost interest in his stuff, thinking it had become somewhat bland but now I can see again that he’s a great guy producing great things! And his overall humanistic attitude towards electronics is spot on.

  2. I like the ending, where it zooms out to reveal the Oxygene album artwork.

    Also curious: is there a formal name for the visual effect where colored vertical strips which are slightly magnified pan back and forth? Like @ 0:44. I’ve wondered for awhile, having seen it in cop shows and other places.

  3. Gordon

    I was equally impressed by the DVD/CD. I like the way that he dispenses with the flash and focuses on the music – it lets you appreciate it anew.

  4. Sound On Sound ran an excellent article on Jarre that included some insight into the recording of the “Live in Your Living Room” project, back in February 08 (should be available on their web site for free). The article contains an obscene amount of photo synth porn, most of which seems to be included in the online version.

    Also contains the wonderful quote from Jarre: “Analogue synths should be considered at the same level as Stradivarius.”

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