Moog Sonic Six Analog Synthesizer

This is a demo of the Moog Sonic Six Analog Synthesizer, a vintage synth from 1972.

via peahix:

This is a quick demo showing some of its features, definitely not a comprehensive demo.

lso I cover the two main problems this unit currently has:1) There is a problem with the lower portion of the keyboard, where the pitch sort of does a “bump and glide” down to those notes after playing higher notes. It’s a bit unpredictable and hard to describe- just watch the video. Not sure what the source of this problem is.2) The modulation input for the ring mod is currently not working. In the video I demonstrate that the signal input works (Osc B), but the mod input switch does nothing. Again, not sure of the source of this problem.A

part from these issues and a few missing knobs, slider caps and screws, the synth works quite nicely. The oscillators have been calibrated, and once warmed up, they hold their tuning well. All the key contacts seem to be in good shape and the keyboard has a nice, playable feel to it.

This unit features the earlier non-Moog filter.The audio was recorded direct. There’s also and onboard speaker which works well and sounds nice.

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