Granular Video Synthesis

This bizarre video, Granular Synthesis – Modell 5 (STRP 4-4-2009), explores granular synthesis applied to video.

via Trashware:

Granular Synthesis – Modell 5 shown at the STRP festival 4-4-2009 (fragment)Eindhoven, NetherlandsMODELL 5 is an installation that manipulates the face of Japanese performer Akemi Takeya. The result is a cyborg hybrid, a cross between human and machine. Viewers follow the lives of the four clones on giant screens spanning 18 x 6 metres.

3 thoughts on “Granular Video Synthesis

  1. Oh my! Marriage!

    Just like asking you what you want for breakfast and reminding you that you’re late for work and that “Mother” is coming for the weekend and all the things you’ll do before she gets here!

    I’m in a cold sweat!

    Next time some young guy ask what’s it like just show’em this.

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