Beatkamp, Deja Voodoo, Dada Pogrom

Beatkamp, Deja Voodoo, Dada Pogrom

The enormous abandoned chemical works at Premnitz, west of Berlin, provide a fantastic backdrop for Dada Pogrom’s technoire anthem, Deja Voodoo. Here is a perspective into industrial decay and the poisoned earth left to heal itself. This video will take you through the countless hectares of spoilage and void that encompass Premnitz.

A faceless avatar (played byStasi Ranlub) is your escort through the desolation.

via Sauzeug:

Starring: Stasi Ranlub
Director, Cinematographer: Ken Balys
Music Production: Anthony Fu Valcic
Composer: Ken Balys
Location: Premnitz, Germany
Format: Super 16mm Kodak
Film Processing: Deluxe
Post Production: Eyes Post Group
Editing: Greg Innis
Colourist, Telecine: Sandy Parr
Post Co-ordination: Marge White
Post Production: Eyes Media, Toronto
Recorded at: Fudio, Vancouver
Project Coordination: Mimi Northcott, CRS
Mixed at: The Warehouse, Vancouver
Mastering: Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel
From Album: Rats Live On nO eviL staR
Artist: Dada Pogrom
Release: (c)2006 Beatkamp Inc.

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