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  1. I don’t understand – apparently this is too dumb a question. The software is a small Guitar Rig version. The box is a simple audio interface – but then what do I do with my other audio interface that I already own? Or does the box contain the complete GR software also, and is self contained? The description sounds as if I just need a guitar, an amp, and the box – as if the box contained all the software, but it doesn’t seem to have any controls. Or does it contain the software but has to be set to one specific setting (amp/speaker/effect) using a computer, and then runs on its own?

  2. Michael, I think Guitar Rig Mobile is basically an entry level package for guitarists who don’t own an audio interface. It has a cut-down version of the Guitar Rig 3 software and a basic Audio Interface to plug in a guitar.
    If you already have an interface then you’d probably go for the full Guitar Rig 3 software, or the version with the full controller if you need that. The interface is nothing but a small portable USB AD converter with preamp (I think?)…

  3. Michael, Guitar rig mobile comprises a straight forward USB interface and a slightly cut down version of Guitar Rig 3 software. I guess it’s aimed as a cheap entry level product for guitarist who don’t own an audio interface, but want to start using software amp emulation. If you’ve got an interface already then you’d probably look at the full Guitar Rig 3 software, or the version with the pedal controller if you need that…

  4. Hi there!

    I wander if GR mobile can be used as a sound card on Windows platform, without any other sound card present and if it can reproduce sound from all Windows sound applications?



  5. Micheal it comes with a cd with the software wich you download onto your computer/laptop
    to run you open the program then plug in the interface and plug in you guitar and amp/moniter/speaker/headphones whatever.
    i think.

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