7 thoughts on “The Pulsar Mini Synth

  1. Imagine how badass this would be for walking through the streets and making Mario-esque sound effects. You could jump up and bang your head into concrete and it’d make that distinctive, crunchy collision sound. But don’t die, no please, that’d be bad.

  2. LOL Yes I guess that would, but thanks for keeping people updated on the project, it’s need fun working on it and hearing other peoples ideas, right now working on saving patterns and also evently adding a LFO and some built in effects.

  3. I definitely plan on offering kits, my goal is to keep this cheap yet still have lots of functions, definitely under 100 USD, right now the most expensive part is the PCB, I plan on adding a second microcontroler to handle more audio processing and a LFO, but they’re cheap so it won’t do much for cost.

  4. Just wanted to update that I finally have a close to end 1.0 version, with a new PCB, that offers USB (right now just for power and firmware updates), little larger format makes it much easier to use and also refined code that allows the whole thing to operate much faster allowing for some pretty cool effects and crazy speed.


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