Free Patches For Novation XioSynth

This is a demo video for a free collection of synth patches for Novation XioSynth, RDyt’s Xiosynth Soundbank.

Download Link

If you give these a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via RDyt:

So please feel free to download, comment etc.
I’d love to hear anything that becomes of them, so my email is [email protected].
Make the title something to do with xiosynth or it will probably get deleted…
So without further ado, heres the link:

Hey all! I recently decided that I would program a bank or so of patches for the Novation Xiosynth. I figured youtube was probably the best place for a shoutout, so any xiosynth users that happen to stumble across this and think “cool, free sounds” then please comment, so I can be motivated to finish the bank by some hearty interest

No external processing, recorded directly into video files into Cyberlink PowerDirector Express and my new lenovo laptop.

2 thoughts on “Free Patches For Novation XioSynth

  1. Hi,

    I love the patches and downloaded them. I have the XIO 49 key. How do I use the files on my keyboard please?

    Best wishes – Mark

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