Awesomely Bizarre Video For Karsh Kale’s GK2

This bizarre video makes no sense – but I think it involves strange creatures, cool music and a post-apocolyptic future.

Music Video for Karsh Kale’s song GK2, from the album Liberation – Directed by Zina Brown of Thousand Names Productions.

4 thoughts on “Awesomely Bizarre Video For Karsh Kale’s GK2

  1. I like it- It reminds me of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”. I get it too, she is
    running away from her fears but keeps running into danger instead.
    At the end, she has grown, and is no longer running. With no more fear,
    she is able to grow… I give extra points for live drumming and the fact that the guy isn’t wearing a jogging suit or Ray-Bans!

  2. WHOA DEEP. 🙂 I enjoyed some of the rapid-fire cutting in this, it was pretty tight. Sort of reminded me of some 80s fantasy movies too. I think Karsh is a great proponent of the "tablatronic" sound to this day.

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