How To Sound Like Justice

Zettt put together a nice tutorial on how to sound like Justice:

When Justice came out in 2007 i was, as many of you i suppose, blown away by the awesome sound they made. (I mean their album “The Cross”)

The thing that followed was “Dirty French House” or “Electroclash”. Many think “How do they do that?”

A few years ago, when i was a teenager, i loved making music with really distorted sounds. Now that i am an adult i was scared by distorting too much, but that’s what they do!

In this tutorial we will make two seperate sounds covering the basic workflow of “Dirty French House”.

While you probably don’t want to sound just like Justice, you can learn a lot from studying how electronic musicians do what they do.

via blackzero393

10 thoughts on “How To Sound Like Justice

  1. @Bogart
    Nothing wrong with learning new techniques.
    But ya, time for a cleaner sound. I’m listening to early 90s and Tangerine Dream stuff.

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