SOLSTORM – Auroras in Norway

This video combines some amazing timelapse photography of the aurora borealis with an ambient soundtrack:

This is the culmination of many, many hours of timelapsing the auroras this winter. I used two DSLR’s, a Canon 350D and a 40D, and they took probably like 40-50 000 pictures, that I later edited and made into movies. It was a constant struggle against wind, snow and cold. I could not always place the cameras where I wanted to because of wind. That is why you see some fences, because I had to place the camera behind buildings so it wouldnt fall. It took me about 1.5 hour to make 10 seconds of film, mostly taking long exposures at 10 or 13 sec.

The aurora season this year was not very active but Im glad I atleast got these shots.

The music is licenced by Jamendo, the artist is called Galdson and the nice song is named Merlaska.

by Terje Nesthus, via hiddenplace

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